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    Ideally, if the physical activity is precisely matched, then insulin is not needed in principle.

    Another important point is the use of alcohol. From personal experience, I can say the following, that my father-in-law, who fell ill with type 2 diabetes at the age of 40, consumed 100-150 g of alcohol of "his" production for the rest of his life before eating. He lived until the age of 68. At the same time, until the age of 65 he worked in production (he was a milling machine operator), and, almost every day, he actively worked in the country. He practically did not use any other drugs to combat diabetes. The thing is that alcohol prevents the release of glucose from the liver and blocks the action of hormones that increase blood glucose levels. If the patient takes insulin, then alcohol enhances the glucose-lowering effect of insulin. This fact must always be taken into account. If a patient with diabetes has taken alcohol, he must have a good snack!

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    Such an ideal situation is very difficult to achieve, but it is quite possible to reduce the amount of medication taken with an active physical life. The methods of dealing with hypoglycemia are simple, but they must be strictly followed. Do not hide your illness from others, especially from your relatives and relatives, who should know how dangerous hypoglycemia is and what measures should be taken if it occurs. How to deal with hypoglycemia.

    Most often, hypoglycemia develops gradually. The most radical solution to the problem is the use of products with "instant" sugar - lump sugar or granulated sugar. The calculation should be made from the ratio of 1 bread unit = 12 g of sugar. Of course, sugar is not always at hand, and it is inconvenient to carry it with you. Therefore, diabetic patients should always have glucose tablets on hand, which are sold in any pharmacy. "Instant" sugar begins to act already in the mouth of the patient and after a few minutes raises the level of sugar in the blood. However, it should be borne in mind that after a sharp increase in sugar, it will immediately begin to decline, because. insulin continues to work. To prevent a recurrence of hypoglycemia, the patient should eat foods with "slow" sugar (at the rate of 1-2 bread units), for example, a couple of sandwiches with black bread.

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    In the event of an attack of hypoglycemia, it is better to "overdo it" a little and increase the level of sugar in the blood above normal than to get a coma. What to do if the patient still lost consciousness as a result of the development of hypoglycemia? A patient with diabetes should be aware of the dangers of hypoglycemia and how to deal with it. If the patient cannot control the attacks of hypoglycemia, then he should abandon activities related to the health and life of other people. driving, operating machinery, etc.